BREATH Eco Tour  


Dear friend, welcome to the first BREATH Eco Tour around the Baikal Region.

During the trip from 9 to 19 August, you will be able to get acquainted not only with the good old Lake Baikal, but also with one of his beloved brothers,

the mighty and majestic Sayan Mountain Range.

9 August: All-Russia Save Baikal Cleanup Olkhon Island



On 9-10 August, within the framework of the EcoYear in Russia, the Olkhon Island will host the international Save Baikal eco campaign.

Olkhon is known as the largest and most sacred island on the Lake Baikal, with many legends told about it.

This event will bring together guests from all over Russia and the world, as well as natives of the Irkutsk Region,

Buryat Republic and the Olkhon Island. 

The campaign will include:

The project is aimed at improving the ecological situation and bolstering the institute of civil inspectors on the Olkhon Island by means of strengthening

the communication channels between the locals, tourists, island administration, business sector, and the national park.


11 to 19 August Shumak Mountain 




An eco trip to the sacred healing springs. The path runs along a picturesque trail, with a view of the Ekhe-Ger mountain river valley.  

We will ride horses across the Shumak passage, which lies 2,870 m above sea level.

The path crosses the mountain valley, with a minimum ascent rate, so you can take your time to enjoy the beauty of the area.

The surrounding mountain peaks and the beautiful lake will be revealed to those who ascend the passage.

The view on the valley in good weather is truly enchanting! With the waterfalls rustling in the distance, the descent towards one of

the most beautiful and tallest of these falls will lead us across a huge passage in the midst of the mountains.

Then we will move on to the healing springs of Shumak, of which there are over 100, each with its own temperature and mineralization rate.

This area attracts lots of people from different countries every year, who come here both for healing and enjoying the wonderful nature.   

We must do our best to preserve the area and inform the tourists that they need to care about nature and stop leaving trash behind.  


During the trip, you will be provided with:


You won't have to worry about anything during the tour – the organizers will make sure you have a comfortable and cozy trip.

Don’t be late to register: there are only 10 places available!


Brief plan for each tour day 

9 August


в а      





10 August


аа ц 



11 August


                   ч п



12 August


                     а Д



13 August


                        ю л




         14 August         


                         ф р



15 August


                        в в



16 August


                        пп й



17 August 


                       пп рр



          18 August          


                        ц у




              19 August               


                       у к




During the tour, the Save Baikal team will do much less harm to the environment than regular tourists, since we only use: 



Travel costs for 1 person for 11 days/10 nights are 35,000 Rubles (€ 500)

(this includes a transfer Irkutsk – Olkhon – Shumak – Irkutsk, accommodation, meals, and tour program)

After registration, you will receive a list of things you must take with you on the tour.

For more details call +7 916 496 07 33 Maxim

e-mail: savebaikal1@gmail.com